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Our affordable POS solutions take your small business to the next level. Upgrade your business with a top-rated, all-in-one custom POS system.

Tailor Made POS Systems

Our payments platform lets your small business accept all payment types.
We have payments solutions for Swipe, Keyed-In, EMV, NFC, Checks and Cash Payment options.

Streamline Workflows

Upgrade your workflows with improved productivity and communication, time management and cost efficiency. Make better business decisions with an easy to use, fast checkout and advanced reporting platform.

Complete Payment Options

Accept contactless payments, cash, check, ACH transfers, and all major credit and debit cards, as well as digital payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Alipay.

One Source. All Channels

All-in-one POS platform maximizes your sales efforts by adopting an online and physical presence. Our program supports transactions across all device types, so you can better reach your customers.

Staff Management

Full employee management system to help schedule payrolls, commissions, tips, benefits and more. Easy add-on apps and simple to set up software manages what your employees can see.

Enhanced Security

Protect sensitive customer payment information with the latest industry standards and encryption protocols at every stage of the transaction process to minimize data breaches and fraud.

Customer Management

Robust reporting and analytics capabilities provide valuable sales and performance insights. With a sales tracking tool, keep the purchase history of every customer, analyze customer shopping trends, and offer special discount, promotions or loyalty programs to build customer satisfaction.

There’s always a plan for you, always.
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Payment plans available for merchants

24/7 NYC Based Technical Support

From easy onboarding to personalized one-on-one account management from our expert technicians
Customized Hardware and Software Setup
Lowest Rate and Transparent Pricing
Continued Onsite Support and Maintenance
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Unified Inventory Management
Setting up and managing your inventory is easier than ever

Inventory Management is the process of overseeing and controlling the flow of goods and materials for a business. Use effective software to track inventory levels, monitor stock and inventory while managing the ordering process. Implement inventory management strategies to accurately forecast demand, streamline supply chain operations and make informed decisions to manage customer needs while maximizing profitability.
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Keep Track of Inventory

Improve customer satisfaction with reliable inventory and stock levels to reduce the risk of lost sales and unhappy customers.

Greater Insights

Reduce costs and improve profitability by minimize excess inventory related to storage, insurance and aging out.

Cost Savings

Reliable order fulfillment that gives real-time visibility into inventory levels and locations to streamline order processing and improve order accuracy.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Accurate forecasting and planning that minimizes the risk of insufficient inventory and loss of sales.

Better Accuracy

Ensure a steady and reliable supply of goods to reduce lead times and improve efficiency and supplier relationships.

Time Savings

Get more time back in your day by minimizing manual tasks and automating your inventory. Ensure a steady and reliable supply of goods to reduce lead times.

Restaurant POS

POS for the Modern Restaurant

Built to Enhance Your Hospitality

Take control of changing guest expectations with advanced restaurant POS features.

Restaurant-Grade Hardware

Sturdy equipment built to withstand the harsh kitchen environment of restaurant industry with durable hardware.

Cloud-Enabled Reporting

Access your real-time data anytime, anywhere. Receive up-to-the-minute sales, menu, and labor data from your mobile device so you can keep up with your store no matter where you are.

Offline Payments

Continue to take payments when you’re not connected to the internet by turning on offline mode.

Smart Tech

Offer online ordering, wait list & reservation, e-menu, scan to order, kitchen communication, and multilocation management to power your restaurant’s success.

Retail POS

Powering Small Businesses for over 10 years

Cloud based retail POS systems offer low-cost, scalable customized solutions across the industry.

Affordable POS Solutions

Get peace of mind with up-front pricing and no long-term contract. We offer payment plans for POS hardware and software to fit your financial needs.

NYC Based Technical Support

Our dedicated technical support team is available around the clock to address any concerns you may have. We provide one-on-one onboarding and personalized POS training and coaching.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Understand what’s important to your customers and deliver ways to keep them coming back. Our reports and insights can track valuable real-time shopper data so you can keep them engaged.

Make Everyday Tasks Easy

Inventory management, multiple store capability, automate invoicing, employee time management, customer loyalty programs and more with our innovative POS features.

Salon POS

Designed for Personal Care Industry

Make your shop beautiful with our salon POS.

Quick and Easy Appointment

Easily create and update unlimited customer appointments, add notes, manage customer contact info and appointment history, and access your schedule from anywhere.

Text and Email Communications

Automatically send text or email confirmations and reminders to your customers prior to their appointment. Connect appointment scheduler to your website and Social Media from your web dashboard.

Payroll and Time Tracking

Track employee hours, run detailed performance reports, generate commissions, perks, and rewards, pool tips among team members, and protect and encrypt sensitive employee data.

Salon Management Features

Generate advanced reporting, accurate inventory management, effective marketing tools, customize brand, shift and manage time off, set pricing levels, flexible payment processing and more.

Supermarket POS

Made to Flex with Your Business

Nourish your grocery store operations with a sustainable market POS system.

Print Shelf Labels and Tags

Keep your shelves organized with fast updates to product prices and quantities, ensuring accurate pricing and stock visibility.

Better Inventory Management

Gathering inventory information from multiple stores into a single, consolidated database. Keep track of high-volume inventory and purchase orders with ease. A handheld device allows you to seamlessly scan and edit items, and quickly add to your inventory.

Manage Memberships and Promotions

Offer membership to encourage repeat business by rewarding returning customers with a loyalty program.
Create product groups and use electronic coupons to run different promotions on specific items or product bundling.

Support Scale Integrations

Speed up checkout lines with integrated scales. Accurately measure and charge products by weight and send prices directly to your point-of-sale.

ERP Solutions

Business management system that integrates all facets of the business. Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) simplifies business processes, but also results in streamlined operations, reduced costs, increased productivity and improved overall customer experience.

POS Systems That You Can Rely On






Verona POS

Clover POS Solutions
for Small Businesses

Payments in the palm of your hands:

Customize your POS System

Elevate the customer experience by remembering birthdays, important events and order histories. Send announcements, custom promotions and marketing campaigns to your customers via email, text, or the free Clover mobile app.

Fast and Stress-Free Setup

Convenient and efficient hardware that can be set up within minutes. Clover Quick Start Guides show you how to unpack and plug in your devices. Log in to get more personalized help in setting up your Clover system.

Connect with Customers

Elevate the customer experience by remembering birthdays, important events and order histories. Send announcements, custom promotions and marketing campaigns to your customers via email, text, or the free Clover mobile app.

Process More Payments

Accept all major debit and credit cards to mobile wallet and contactless payments. Tap, dip, swipe, are all welcome and even scan checks, safely and securely.

PAX POS Systems
for Small Businesses

One system that does it all:

Mobile POS Device

Take your payments wherever you go with a pocket-sized, cost-effective mobile point of sale (mPOS) device.

User Friendly

Make it easy for users to navigate and process transactions efficiently with an intuitive interface, ease of use, and streamlined elegant design.

Safe and Secure

Ensure data security with encryption and tokenization. Compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements, so you can protect your business and customer information.

PAX Store for Android Users

Level up the entire payment experience. PAXSTORE provides numerous innovative payment solutions with more than 2,200 Android-based add-on apps.

Experience the premier KIOSK self-ordering system

Welcome to the future of business. Our self-ordering kiosk meets the demands of today’s customer in any industry. Create a quick-and-easy ordering experience and streamline your front of house operations with self-service solutions.

Sleek and Elegant Design

The curved structure adds elegant style with a new standard for kiosks and self-service technology. Compact and modular design enables easy shipping and installation.

Installation Flexibility

Place it on the floor, wall or counter to suit your business needs. The pedestal is designed to offer specific functionalities upon your request.

Fully-Integrated Solutions

Provide built-in type options. You can select Camera, NFC Reader, Scanner, Receipt Printer, Passport or ID Card Reader, Ticket or Document Printer, UPS and more.

Digital Signage

Display pictures and video clips while it fully functions as a kiosk system with the powerful performance.

Easy Maintenance

Effortless setup with modular design. A quick access to internal components speeds up easy maintenance, and the open-front type kiosk enables convenient maintenance of the main display.
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Working with you, for you.
Loved by thousands merchants.

Fides Bankcard is a New York City based point-of-sale system provider with industry-leading hardware and software. We’re here to help small businesses who want to run the business on their own terms. Enjoy the merchant’s favorite POS solutions built for every business.

Meet Our Valued Customers

We had a wonderful experience working with the Fides Bankcard team. They were put together and thorough with all our needs and concerns regarding payments. Their ability and in depth knowledge was apparent from the moment we started to when they completed our set up. They’ve helped us upgrade our credit card terminals so we can better serve our customers. Fides Bankcard brings a high level of accountability and consistency that is a breath of fresh air in this market. They’re always thorough on what is in progress, when we can expect to be finished and what challenges might come up in the future.

Organizing and operating a supermarket is difficult as is, and we’ve worked with a variety of partners over the years and we are glad to have settled on Fides Bankcard as our trusted partner in Merchant Services. You can expect the highest quality service from a team that is always willing and ready to help.

HanYang Mart

Fides Bankcard is truly a trusted partner for our business. They helped set up our Point of Sale device so we can better manage and serve our customers. Their customer service and technical support has always been friendly, prompt and most importantly, knowledgeable on every issue that we’ve called in about. They always seem to have an answer at the ready, and for the few times that they’ve been unable to provide that right away, they worked tirelessly to promptly give us a response as well as numerous updates about the situation.

Fides Bankcard is a valuable partner to our business and I would feel privileged to recommend working alongside them to manage your credit card processing any day!

Mochinut Dupan

I have had the pleasure of working with Fides Bankcard for my card processing needs over the past few years and my experience has been an exceptional one. When I first started my business, I was drawn to their emphasis on trust and reliability, and they have proven time and time again that is their standard of excellence.

Fides Bankcard has always been thorough and exact in managing the whole payments process for our company. Whenever I had an issue, whether that was a customer Chargeback, missing Funds or needing help adjusting my POS system, the team left no stone unturned and checked in every step of the way to help my business. Their support and dedication to quality has been a crucial component in continuing my company’s continued growth and success.

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