Cash Discount is
Your Wallet’s
Best Friend

Partner with Fides Bankcard's Cash Discount Payment Processing Program so you can keep more of your business revenues. It works by passing on processing costs to your customers so you can improve your bottom line.

Cash Disount Payment Processing is the Right Fit For Your Business

Fides Bankcard's Cash Discount Processing will help your business save on business processing costs. You can easily accept all major payment methods like credit and debit cards, cash, check and more without paying additional processing fees. Stop wasting time worrying about the confusing hidden fees that are associated with standard credit card acceptance and let Fides Bankcard manage your merchant services experience.

Pay Less Processing Fees

Sell $100 of your product and receive $100 in your account. Let your customers help offset your processing costs and stop losing business revenue to additional processing or hidden fees.

Extensive Custome Service Experience

All-in-One Customer Service Platform that helps balance everything your customer needs to be satisfied with their credit card processing

Years of Experience in Merchant Services

Fides Bankcard ensures that your Cash Discount program will be in compliance with Federal, State and Local guidelines for Surcharging and Cash Discount Programs.

Reward Loyal Customers

Give benefits and rewards back to customers who choose to use cash, by offering a lower discount rate so we can help maximize their benefits and incentivize return customers to our business.
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Satisfied Customers

- Join thousands of happy merchants who are successfully using the Cash Discount Payment Processing Program.

No Hidden Fees

Fides Bankcard is committed to delivery full transparency and fairness to our merchants

Free Trial

Try Cash Discount Processing at no extra cost and switch back to your original processing if you’re unsatisfied.

Industry-Leading Payments Acceptance

Fides Bankcard’s Merchant Processing services are built for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We know that navigating the Payments Industry can be difficult to understand as a business owner, so we’re committed to delivering the best rates and value to our Network and Partners. Fides Bankcard will always look to put our customers first!

NFC Payments

Full Range of Contactless Payments (Google Pay, Apple Pay, SamsungPay), Credit Cards, EMV Chip Cards, NFC Card Acceptance, EBT, Pin Debit.

Checks and Cash

Never leave any customers behind who choose alternative payment options. Always offer the ability for customers that choose to pay with Cash or Check.

Virtual Terminal

Provide fully optimized payment gateway services to help accept all payment types. Support hosted checkout, order tokenization, multi-currencies and more.

Recurring Payments

Set up subscription models and regular payment scheduling to auto charge customer cards on file on a monthly basis, dependent on scheduling and contract agreements.


The latest technology and state of art Point-of-Sale solutions will help your business succeed, no matter what industry you belong go or the size of your business.

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