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At Fides Bankcard, we build and invest in our business partnerships so we can bring maximum savings and the highest quality service to our merchant partners!

Full-Scale Solutions
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We're here for all your payment needs, with the latest tools and technologies available
Focus on building your small business services and improving customer experiences.
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We Support

ALL Major Payment Methods

Our payments platform helps your small business accept all payment types.
We have solutions for Swipe, Keyed-In, EMV, NFC, Cash and Checks and other payment options.


We manage and accept all EMV, NFC and other Contactless payments, with the latest technology and tools for your business


Even if your customers are not in front of you, feel comfortable accepting payments online or over the phone


Accept EBT Cards to let customers using their SNAP benefits at participating store and other locations


Easily accept paper checks  with our Electronic Check Processing for easy accessibility and efficiency


Take advantage of our Cash Discount program, so you can start saving on processing fees today!

Gift Card

Offer loyalty reward programs to your valued customers, with custom branded gift cards and amounts
Still Paying Too Much for Credit Card Processing?
We Agree. Discover Our Cash Discount Program
Our Cash Discount program is becoming the new normal to accept payments.
We help small business owners and partners to take control of their merchant service fees.
Saving has never been easier with the Fides Bankcard cash discount program!

Increased Profits

Increase your Profit Margins by implementing a Cash Discount Program that will pass credit card processing fees back to the customers

Full Compliance

Fides Bankcard will guarantee that your business is adopting the correct rules and regulations behind using a Cash Discount Program

Operating Simplicity

Make your payment processing easier to understand so you can go back to focusing on the elements of your business
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Payment Processing Built For Small Businesses

Fides Bankcard is New York City's premier Merchant Services Provider for Small Business Partners.
Explore Credit Card Processing, Point of Sale and Online Payment Gateway Solutions that will help
We remain committed to delivering the highest level of support and customer service to all our partners.

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Meet Our Valued Customers

We had a wonderful experience working with the Fides Bankcard team. They were put together and thorough with all our needs and concerns regarding payments. Their ability and in depth knowledge was apparent from the moment we started to when they completed our set up. They’ve helped us upgrade our credit card terminals so we can better serve our customers. Fides Bankcard brings a high level of accountability and consistency that is a breath of fresh air in this market. They’re always thorough on what is in progress, when we can expect to be finished and what challenges might come up in the future.

Organizing and operating a supermarket is difficult as is, and we’ve worked with a variety of partners over the years and we are glad to have settled on Fides Bankcard as our trusted partner in Merchant Services. You can expect the highest quality service from a team that is always willing and ready to help.

HanYang Mart

Fides Bankcard is truly a trusted partner for our business. They helped set up our Point of Sale device so we can better manage and serve our customers. Their customer service and technical support has always been friendly, prompt and most importantly, knowledgeable on every issue that we’ve called in about. They always seem to have an answer at the ready, and for the few times that they’ve been unable to provide that right away, they worked tirelessly to promptly give us a response as well as numerous updates about the situation.

Fides Bankcard is a valuable partner to our business and I would feel privileged to recommend working alongside them to manage your credit card processing any day!

Mochinut Dupan

I have had the pleasure of working with Fides Bankcard for my card processing needs over the past few years and my experience has been an exceptional one. When I first started my business, I was drawn to their emphasis on trust and reliability, and they have proven time and time again that is their standard of excellence.

Fides Bankcard has always been thorough and exact in managing the whole payments process for our company. Whenever I had an issue, whether that was a customer Chargeback, missing Funds or needing help adjusting my POS system, the team left no stone unturned and checked in every step of the way to help my business. Their support and dedication to quality has been a crucial component in continuing my company’s continued growth and success.

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Talent Acquisition with Fides
We’re always looking for talented members to join the Fides Bankcard family and assist us in providing excellent quality merchant services

Fides Bankcard FAQs

Everything you need to know about Fides Bankcard services.
Why Choose Fides Bankcard
Fides Bankcard has always been committed to building long-term relationships with our merchants, offering a transparent view into our services so we can guarantee them the lowest rates. Too long have we walked merchant service providers take advantage of their customers to pad their bottom lines. We’re here to guarantee the long-term success and relationship with our customers.

Do you need help understanding payment processing? Any specifics questions on our products or services? Reach out directly to one of our Fides Bankcard Service Representatives, who are always available to share our expertise and experiences, so we can help guide you in the right direction.
How long for funds to be deposited?
We know how important it is for our merchants to receive their funding straight away. Depending on what Funding system they’re set up with, our merchants can expect to be funded within 24-48 hours, or 2 business days. If your fundings falls on the weekend or a holiday, you can expect to be funded on the next available business day. We make it easy to understand and even easier to receive your funding.
Are there any hidden fees?
Our commitment to transparency and honesty means we'll never force hidden fees to get more out of your merchants. It's difficult enough to run your business and worry about customer needs, so the last thing we want is for you to worry about additional fees. We'll never force unnecessary or hidden fees to your merchant account.
What merchants can use Fides Bankcard?
Fides Bankcard supports businesses of all types and of all sizes. No matter what your business is, we guarantee that we have a solution that fits your business. We’ll work with you every step of the way to guarantee the success of your merchant account, and if we’re not the best partner for you, we’ll help get you settled up and settled in with the right partner and solution. If you need to accept credit and debit cards, online or in-person, Fides Bankcard guarantees a solution that will be the perfect fit for your business.
What kind of resources can I expect?
You’ll have the full backing and benefit of working with Fides Bankcard to support you, whether you’re one of our merchant partners, agent partners or a prospective partner. We are committed to providing you with the latest and highest quality hardware and software resources, as well as a robust Knowledge Base that’s been catered through years of experience to answer your every Merchant Services related questions. Our Support center has all sorts of tips and tricks, and inside knowledge so you can take full advantage of the Fides Bankcard Service lines. Can’t find answers to your questions? Our team will always be available to help via phone, email, or chat lines.
What is Merchant Services?
Merchant Services refers to all the financial services for a business that are related to accepting and processing payments. This can include, but is not limited to: Credit Card Processing, POS Systems, Online Payments, Payment Gateways, Hardware Terminals and more. Our mission here at Fides Bankcard as your Merchant Services provider is to make the experience as seamless and painless as possible.
Can I take online payments?
Yes, Fides Bankcard fully supports all online payment options. We have access to a variety of payment gateways, POS options and pricing models to fit your online business needs. We have experience building checkout pages, entire webpages and websites designed to support your online payment needs. In addition, we handle a variety of Payment API integrations so you can seamlessly transition and manage your business online.
What is the sign up process?
A Service Representative from Fides Bankcard will be there to help you along every step of your payments journey, from start to finish. You can send in your contact information using one of our Contact Us Forms below or fill out an extended Application Form. We’ll discuss some Pricing options, Terminal options, POS necessities to get a better understanding of you and your business, and submit that application and documentation. Our underwriting team will review your application, and once approved you can start processing right away.
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