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Invoicing is an essential business service offered by Fides Bankcard to help our merchants manage their billing and payment processes. Businesses can easily create professional invoices with customized branding to create a more streamlined payment process. With automated invoicing tasks and integrated online payment options, Invoicing helps businesses simplify the payments collection process and streamline operations. Businesses can focus on driving growth and success within their organization.

Streamlined Billing

Simplify the billing process with a structured and organized approach to managing Invoices

Faster Payments

Encourage timely payments to improve cash flow and reduce outstanding balances.

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Enhance credibility and trust with customized invoices showing your logo, branding and contact information

Record Keeping

Clear tracking, reconciliation and compliance to provide a clear transaction and payment history

Improved Communication

Improve clarity and expectations for merchants and their customers for better and clearer communication

Financial Analysis

Optimize Revenue generation with invoice analysis and  business insights to generate a clearer sales pattern and understanding

Online Ordering

Online Ordering is a convenient and user-friendly service that helps businesses accept orders through a website channel. Customers can now browse menus or product catalogs to select and add items, customize options and securely complete online transactions. Customers no longer need to visit physical locations and now have a more convenient way of placing orders at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. Businesses now have expanded reach with a wider customer base, improving their sales revenue and customer satisfaction by tapping into a growing digital trend.
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Expand business offerings by providing an easy and accessible way to purchase products and services to new and existing customers.

Provide convenience and flexibility to customers who can now order at their own pace, anytime and anywhere.

Streamlined order processing and fulfillment operations to reduce manual efforts, minimize human error and increased overall operational efficiency.

Attract customers from a wider geographic base and cater to their individualized needs, regardless of location and time.

Reduce miscommunication and errors that occur during manual order taking.

Differentiate from competitors and position your business as an innovative and customer-focused experience.

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Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering is an add-on service that enables customers to place orders and make purchases using their smartphones or mobile devices. Businesses can offer a seamless and convenient way for customers to browse menus, select items, customize orders and securely complete transactions. Empower your customers to order on the go, giving them the flexibility and convenience to place orders at anytime and anyplace. Help businesses stay ahead of the mobile-driven marketplace and cater to habits and preferences of modern consumers.

Provide a seamless and hassle-free ordering experience that allows customers to place orders and make purchases using their mobile devices.

Eliminate wait-times and processing times and save customers valuable time with streamlined ordering and payments.

Enable quicker and more accurate ordering with customizations and options available for customers.

Allow customers full scale customization and optimization so they can create personalized and tailored experience.

Build long-term customer relationships and business by integrating loyalty and reward programs.

Optimize business menu offerings, pricing strategies and marketing campaigns with valuable insights into customer behavior and ordering trends.

Recurring Plans

Recurring plans are a service that allows businesses to offer subscription-based pricing  models to their customers. Instead of generating new invoices or orders every time, customers enjoy the convenience of knowing when and where they'll be charged and merchants will ensure predictable revenue streams. This simplifies the payment process for all parties and lets merchants build long-term partnerships with their customers while ensuring steady cash flow over the years.
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Reduce uncertainty and improve financial stability by providing businesses with predictable and consistent revenue streams.

Improve cash flows with more efficient resource allocation and financial planning as subscription costs are recovered at regular intervals.

Promote customer loyalty and retention by keeping customers continuing to use your service, reducing customer churn.

Provide a frictionless customer experience by eliminating manual renewals and repurchasing, giving uninterrupted service and access.

Introduce complementary offerings and increase customer lifetime value by upselling and cross-selling additional products and services.

Make data-driven decisions based off of valuable data and insights on customer behavior and preferences.

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Payment Links

Payment links are a service that enables businesses to securely collect payments from customers by providing them with a unique URL or link. Easily generate and share personalized payment URLs with email, messaging apps or other social media platforms. Customers click on a secure payment link where they can enter payment details and complete transaction. Cater to customers who prefer online or digital payment methods.

Easily access secure payment pages and complete transactions with a simple and user-friendly payment method.

Eliminate the need for physical interaction and spaces by generating and sharing payment links through a variety of channels.

Accelerate payment collection and reduce delays by eliminating the need for manual invoice generation and payment reconciliation.

Increase sales conversion and reduce friction in the sales process by providing a seamless payments experience.

Protect sensitive information by utilizing secure payment gateways and encryption technologies to secure customer payment data.

Track and monitor payment activity with valuable insights into transaction history, payment status and other relevant data.

SMS Payments

SMS payments are a method of using a mobile phone to make payments via text messages. Customers will initiate transactions by sending a payment request via text to a designated number. They can then confirm the payment by replying with the necessary authorizatino code. Customers can now make payments using their mobile devices even without an internet connection and is particularly beneficial for businesses operating in regions with limited internet access.
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Give access to customers who may not have a smartphone or access to the internet, allowing them to participate in digital transactions.

Encourage more frequent and seamless transactions with a simple and straightforward payment process.

Prompt acknowledgment and payment processing can reduce any delays and uncertainties associated with payments.

Reduce risk of fraud and data breaches to ensure that only the intended user can authorize transactions.

Lower transaction fees and equipment costs by offering cost-effective payment methods.

Adaptable and flexible payments that can be used for a variety of business types offering one-time payment, subscription-based and more.

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QR Codes

QR Codes offer a convenient and contactless way to facilitate transactions. Customers simply use their smartphone to scan the QR Code, which contains all the payment information related to the merchant's details and transaction amounts and complete the payment process with a digital wallet or payment app. This service offers fast and secure payments, eliminating the need for cash and card transactions. By offering an additional seamless and modern payment experience, you can remove friction in payment process.

Provide convenient contactless payments and eliminate the need for cash and cards in your payments process.

Speed up payments and reduce wait times by eliminating the need to manually input payment details.

Securely encrypt payment information within the QR code to reduce the risk of sensitive data being compromised.

Versatile and flexible payment acceptance across a variety of businesses, industries and service providers.

Reduce costs and eliminate the need for expensive hardware to benefit both merchant and customer alike.

Gain insights into customer behavior by tracking transaction details, customer preferences and purchasing patterns.

Mobile Card Readers

Mobile Card Readers are portable devices that can be attached and connected with a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. These devices allow you to accept contactless payments from NFC-cards and mobile wallets. The payments process continues from when the customer makes a purchase by tapping their card or smartphone on the mobile card reader and the transaction is completed almost immediately. This saves on valuable time and energy spent swiping, inputting card numbers or inserting the card.
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Portable Payments

Small and easy to manage devices let you accept payments wherever you go

Full-Scale Security

All Mobile Card Readers follow the strict standards for customer and payment security

Ease of Use

Accept Contactless payments with intuitive and easy-to-use processing

Clear Pricing

Clear and effective pricing lets you get your money even next day

Quick Setup

No long commitments so you can start and stop processing

Mobile Payments

Accept all payment methods like magstripe, EMV, Contactless, and Virtual wallets

Solutions for every business shape and size

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