Interchange+ Processing Delivers Transparent and Honest Pricing

At Fides Bankcard, we offer Interchange+ Processing for merchants who want full transparency into the exact fees it takes to build and run their - At Fides Bankcard, we offer Interchange+ Processing for merchants who want a better look at and understand of the fees that it takes to build and run their business. Our Interchange+ system offers a clearer picture of where your money is going.. Our system offers a clear and direct picture about pricing and fee structure so you know where your money is going.

What is Interchange+ Processing?

- Interchange+ offers a transparent pricing model, designed to offer merchants the lowest price option for credit card acceptance. Fides Bankcard will then pass on the lowest possible interchange rate for each transaction, which will help cover the true cost of card acceptance, while adding a static and set margin for our service. The interchange rate gets paid towards the customer’s bank and is determined by a variety of factors; what type of card is used and whether it’s processed online or in-person. Certain reward cards have higher interchange rates to offset the rewards program, all of which is sent to the card issuers.

Interchange+ creates a predictable statement where you’ll only ever have to pay for what transactions and volume that is processed. You’ll never be surprised again when you recieve your monthly credit card processing statement.
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What is the Interchange Rate?

The Interchange Rate is essentially the wholesale cost that is applied to run that transaction. It’s an ever-fluctuating rate decided by the Card Networks, who combine the true base cost to transact plus the cost networks fees.

What is the Margin?

The Margin is the payment providers cost to accept and facilitate the transaction. Other payment providers work to obscure their margins, but the team at Fides Bankcard is committed to bring the lowest possible margin to our partners. We’ll evaluate and explain what your processing fees consist of and on top of that, work to automatically lower our margin the more volume and transactions you process.

Benefits of Interchange+

Interchange+ pricing, which is also known as cost-plus or pass-through pricing, charges businesses the actual interchange fees set by the card networks plus a fixed markup by the payment processing service company.
Honest and Transparent Pricing:
Interchange+ pricing reveals the costs of payment processing for merchants, which will tell you the interchange costs charged by the card brands, issuing banks and card processors. You'll find out the exact margins that we earn as a service to help you as well as how much you're spending on the actual transaction costs. Most importantly, this will limit any unsavory merchant account providers from adding sneaky fees or inflating processing costs to pad their bottom line.
Easy to Understand:
Interchange+ makes understanding your processing costs easy to understand and more importantly, easy to compare with any other merchant account providers. Any time you feel like you’re being overcharged or paying too much in card processing fees, you can pull up your statement and compare across providers, knowing that the interchange costs will always apply no matter where you go, so you can focus on comparing margins across the providers.
Efficient and Value Pricing:
Because your processors and merchant account providers can’t hide any custom fees or change the markups, we are committed to creating the best value for our merchants. You won’t be overpaying on any transactions that have lower processing fees like you would with Tiered or Flat-Rate, because you know you’re only responsible for paying the actual cost of processing and markup.

It’s time for you to take back and own your payments.

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