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Our mission is to help small businesses with credit card processing. We take care of your payment processing, so you can focus on running your business.

Trust Matters

Work with us because we will grow together.
Fides Bankcard was founded in 2014 based in New York City, New York to serve the Greater New York Metropolitan Area, with a simple vision to change the payment processing experience. Our mission is to give small businesses confidence that they’re provided with the transparent and easy-to-use credit card processing solutions. From the moment we first started, we knew that we wanted to rethink how merchant services were handled from the top to bottom. Because we started out as a small business ourselves, we know the struggles that businesses to grow and be treated fairly. We always remind our merchant partners that they are supported and they never have to worry about their payment processing in any environment. Small business merchants are the focal point of how our business operates and we will always make it our mission to support them.

A Team makes a Difference

Working with you, for you.
We don’t believe in one size fits all. We listen and learn so we can provide the right payment solution specifically to meet your needs. Our team is critical at building and maintaining the unshakeable bonds that we have with our small business partners.

Lowest Rates

Reinvest in your small business with the most affordable and savings-focused pricing on the market. You can feel comfort and security, knowing your payments partner is always looking out for your business.

Hassle Free

The last thing you want as a small business owner is to worry about another part of the operations puzzle. We take care of your payment processing, so you’re free to take care of your business.

Stay in Touch 24/7

When you call, we answer. When you need us, we show up. Our approach offers you the management support you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Leading Solutions

Our team is constantly staying on top of the latest news and developments in payments, so we can better provide our services, products and operations with the latest technology.
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Fides Bankcard is a New York City based merchant services provider.

We offer credit card processing services along with online payment gateways and full scale POS systems.

We always put our small business partners first.

Beyond the norm, our Service is born

From payments hardware to the latest POS software, we will always have the best fit solutions for your small business needs. Merchants across New York City have benefited greatly from and continue to partner with us to bring out the best of their business. We’ve built a strong brand and status as a trusted, transparent, and dedicated partner to local businesses, and will continue to do so, every day that we’re in business.

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“Trust is Preserved”

We emphasize and foster a culture of trust and responsibility between us and all our small business partners. Even when times get tough and difficulties arise, we remain committed to honesty and integrity, and we will always honor the statements that we’ve made to put our customers and partners needs first.
Trust is built when we are allowed to be the best versions of our self and help life up those around us. We understand that trust is hard to earn, easy to break, and one of the hardest things to ever get back. And that’s why we promise to continue delivering the highest quality experience as well as industry-leading customer support to ensure the merchant experience and satisfaction is at its peak. Take a small step in redefining how you accept payments by partnering with us today!

“We had a wonderful experience working with the Fides Bankcard team. They were put together and thorough with all our needs and concerns regarding payments. Their ability and in depth knowledge was apparent from the moment we started to when they completed our set up...”

HanYang Mart

“Fides Bankcard is truly a trusted partner for our business. They helped set up our Point of Sale device so we can better manage and serve our customers. Their customer service and technical support has always been friendly, prompt and most importantly, knowledgeable on every issue that we’ve called in about. Fides Bankcard is a valuable partner to our business and I would feel privileged to recommend working alongside them to manage your credit card processing any day!”

Mochinut Dupan

“I have had the pleasure of working with Fides Bankcard for my card processing needs over the past few years and my experience has been an exceptional one. When I first started my business, I was drawn to their emphasis on trust and reliability, and they have proven time and time again that is their standard of excellence.”

Bread & Butter 34

“Fides Bankcard has been an absolute delight to work with! Their Customer Success and Technical support team worked with us along the whole process and managed the boarding, setup and onboarding process for us from start to finish. They made it extremely easy and straightforward for our company, and they remained patient even though we had hundreds of questions and concerns through it all. “


Our Story

Actions always speak louder than words. We’ll always put your interests first.


• Fides Bankcard Founded in NY.
• Initial Partnership with FiServ to launch ISO Services.


• Brought first partner ISO 'Times Bankcard' into the Fides Bankcard Organization.
• Service Expansion to Partner Network WorldPay.


• Fides Bankcard Portfolio reaches over 1000 new merchants boarded under our system.


• Scaled up Operations and Geographic Reach with partnership with second ISO Partner 'NY Bankcard'.


• Strengthened services within the Greater NYC Metro area with third ISO Partner 'POS Partner'.
• Operations Transactions Revenue reaches over $1B annually.


• Fides Bankcard celebrates over 2000 ventures with new merchants in our system.


• Services and Operations Migration to CoPilot for expanded Merchant Services offerings.


• Augmented Services with additional partnerships with the Elavon and TSYS Networks.





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We’re always looking for talented members to join the Fides Bankcard family and assist us in providing excellent quality merchant services

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