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Welcome to the Fides Bankcard Team! Learn more about our Partner Networks and Brands.

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Our mission

Fides BankCard is a leading nationwide provider of Payments Technology and Software Solutions. We deliver innovative services to our customers to help run their businesses, no matter what type and no matter how big or small. We are always committed to developing tight partnerships with our local businesses and local communitiies to become your trusted payment provider.

About FIdes bankcard

Since 2014, our mission has been to grow businesses and commerce with a Reliable and Trustworthy network to help provide simple, secure and fully-integrated payments.

Our Values

> Fides = Trust
We believe the foundation of everything we do is built on our trust and relationships with customers.

> Full Transparency
We believe that your billing statments should always be easy to understand, with no hidden fees or upcharges.

> 24/7 Support
We believe that our committment to customer service and support to our partners lets us provide uniquely catered services and experiences.
Fides Bankcard is a leading provider of payment technology and point of sale solutions to deliver innovative services to our customers. Our years of experience, technologies, full scale services and employee expertise enables us to provide a broad range of solutions to let our customers accept all payment types and operate their business to the fullest across every distribution channel in the United States. We are always committed to delivering the highest level of service for the lowest possible costs.